Tuesday 11 February 2014

DIVERGENT Movie Tickets on Sale MARCH 4th

Prepare your credit cards/pocket money, because DIVERGENT movie tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 4th, and buying just ONE ticket simply isn't an option for us. We've sworn to check out the IMAX experience with at least 3 different friends so far. Repeat viewings are a given, and this means preparing our finances accordingly:

Here are some handy tips:

1. Offer to wash the car/windows/dog/cat/hamster for extra $$$.
2. Babysit for the neighbors. Sure, hanging out with kids isn't your ideal way to spend an evening, but look on the bright side, you'll earn money and probably get free food. 
3. Check for change down the side of the couch. Finders, keepers.
4. Put your fan art making skills to good use and sell custom T-Shirts.
5. Give up your daily candy bar. Nothing will be sweeter than seeing Theo James' face in IMAX.
6. Go to Vegas. Win big.

We'll update this post with links to buy tickets on March 4th. Note: Omg that is actual Dauntless cake pictured above.

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